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Five teens, lost in space on a living starship.
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Tales of the Antares Rangers
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Tales of the Antares Rangers is about the local neighborhood of stars (within 50 light-years of Sol) 350 years in the future.  Humanity colonized the Ten Colonies throughout the "2-14 Corridor" with unrestricted expansion.  Until we encountered the Wasatti.

That was the start of the First Human War.  We built a secret Construction Base at Vega where we worked on the crucial R&D projects that would help us beat the "Cockroaches" (what we called the Wasatti).  Our most important project there was the sentient warship, Sampson K. Perry.  He was to lead us to victory.

But the Wasatti attacked the base, led by General Sar ap Kel.  They swept through the Vega system, destroying everything in their path.  They hit us while five young teens were visiting the developing ship.  That was unfortunate for the kids ... but - then again - maybe not for the rest of us back in the colonies, if they can save the ship.

Peter Campbell's father - the Vega Squadron Commander - held off the Wasatti long enough for the teens to jump the Perry away from the battle. Peter - along with his classmates, Ali Hamadi, Stiles Essen, Henrietta Moreira, and Jimmy Dallas - woke up lost in space after the jump, far away from the home colonies.  Somehow, they need to determine where they are, where home is, and how to bring the ship back to the colonial fleet.  The future of humanity might just rest on their success.
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Humans discovered the Hive - the first known alien race - early in their travels at their first interstellar colony world on Chiron.  Green, gelatinous huminoids, the Hive became loyal allies to the humans after a somewhat rocky start and we now share in the duties against our joint enemy, the Wasatti.

Humans now use Faster Than Light travel in interstellar space, reducing the time spent to a fraction of what it used to take. We travel through hyperspace in semi-statis, waking up at the end of the trip at a reduced rate of aging.  The crew of the Perry cannot be sure how long they were in hyperspace after they escaped the Vega Battle, but their best guess is that they lost several hundred years on the voyage out, aging somewhere around three years in the process.  So now, instead of simply growing up, they need to find a way to survive and come together as a cohesive crew.
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