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Tales of the Antares Rangers
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.ship tour
 Cross sectional view
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See what's inside the Sampson K. Perry.
 Plan view
The Bridge is the heart and soul of the Sampson K. Perry.  It is here where the crew issues major commands to the ship, although they can talk to Perry anywhere on the ship. Peter Campbell, as Captain, sits in the Command Chair. Stiles Essen sits at Tac, as the First Officer and Tactical Officer.  Henrietta Moreira, as Navigator (and Chief Medical Officer) sits as Nav.  Ali Hamadi, as the Ship's Engineer, sits at the rear Engineering Station (when not in Engineering).  Jimmy Dallas, as the Communications Officer, sits at Com Station.  Light snacks can be retrieved at the Nutrient Station when the action requires the crew to remain on the bridge for long periods.  The Main View Screen provides crystal-clear views of the universe as Perry travels through space.
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