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A universe 350 years in our future.  A tale spanning 1,000 years.  Five teens, lost in space on a living starship. (Epsilon Eridani.)
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Epsilon Eridani is the home for planet New Capital, the new center of humanity. The colony was established between 2084 and 2095, the final colony world planned prior to the invention of Faster-Than-Light travel. New Capital is the fourth planet out from the system star.

Stiles Essen was born and raised on New Capital, as is fitting for the self-proclaimed heir to the Presidency.​​ He was 14 (+10 K-T-adjusted) at the time of the ship tour. Stiles spent his first eleven years on New Cap and three years at the VCB.
Epsilon Eridani facts

R.A.: 3h 32m 56s
Dec.: -9 degrees 27 minutes
Spectral type: K2V
Luminosity: 0.34 (compared to Sol)
Distance from Sol: 10.49 LY

Colonial Star Route times from Sol:
     19 days for travelers (K-T-space)
     3.1 year accumulation in normal space
Epsilon Eridani is a beautiful Main Sequence star, one-third as luminous as Sol. The political center of the Ten Colonial Worlds of Humanity, New Capital has a cool, but pleasant climate for its 64 million inhabitants.
This is the main urban area on New Capital. The "boxy" structures in the foreground are residential modules that were transported down to the planet from the first-generation colony ships. This was common practice for colonization efforts.
The flag of the Ten Colonies of Humanity. The homeworld of humanity is represented in space to the upper left, along with a star symbol for each colonial world. Atmosphere and water vapor is shown to the right. The bottom panels transition from land to ocean, with the biosphere at their intersection.