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​​​​   Mitch stumbled up the metal ramp of the old-style cargo shuttle. What now? Mitch asked himself. After suffering years of unspeakable indignity, he wondered what more the Wasatti could throw at him. Nothing more could surprise him, but this did. Inside were two nasty looking enemy Space Marines guarding three young human captives. They look so young ... but surprisingly well-fed, he thought. Perhaps they were just captured; but from where? He did not see any fresh bruises on any of them.
   The door closed behind him, leaving the prison guard in the hangar below, and him isolated with the five new arrivals.
   He did his best to stand at rigid attention, but his depleted muscles fought against his will. He desperately wanted to sit down, but he knew he would be severely beaten if he did. He forced his eyes to remain open, but not to stare directly at the guards. Just above their shoulders; that's all they can tolerate from Slugs. Waves of fatigue passed through his once-robust body.
   The dark-skinned captive scrambled up on hands and knees and took him by the arms. No, don't! You'll be punished for helping me. Mitch gently pushed the young man away, hoping the guards had not seen the simple act of kindness. But how can they not? It's so cramped in here.
   He felt like a pathetic invalid, swatting away at empty air. But he had to keep the boy at arm's length for his own protection. He resolved to stand rigid and not give in.
   The black-haired lad with striking blue eyes was upon him before he realized it. Without knowing how he got there, Mitch found himself seated on the bench next to the boy. The kind, blue eyes were staring directly into his. What does he see inside this shell? Mitch was suddenly embarrassed beyond measure.
   "No, no, you can't," Mitch stammered. "... We're seated in the presence of Wasatti." His voice sounded so weak in the small space, even to him. But it felt so good to sit down. He tried to get back on his feet, but his body betrayed him.
   "You're all right," the boy said reassuringly. "They won't hurt you."
   He shook his head in denial. "No, you don't realize ... they, they--"
   "Shhh; calm down. Ali, get some water. Quickly."
   Everything happened at once. The chubby one--the one who had first tried to help him--rushed to the supplies and brought him a water bulb. The boy gently placed it within his trembling hands.
   Mitch stared at the crystal clear water. He could not recall the last time he had seen water so pure. It looked like a solid diamond. He glanced up at the Wasatti guards, but they did nothing. Nothing!
   Thirst finally overcame his sensibilities and he stole a quick sip. He peeked up again at the guards like a humble mouse, but they remained totally silent. They let me drink!
   "I see by your uniform tag your name is Mitchell. Captain Mitchell, right?"
   Mitch was suddenly very ashamed of his loose-fitting uniform. The Academy would never allow it to fall into such disrepair. "C-Captain Mitchell," he whispered. "Yes." The title seemed so strange to his ears. How long had it been?
   "I'm honored to meet you, Captain Mitchell. My name is Peter Campbell. And we're here to rescue you."​​​​​​​​​​​​​