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.ship tour
 Cross sectional view
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See what's inside the Sampson K. Perry.
 Plan view
Deck 6 holds the Bridge, with the Captain's Cabin and Ready Room (main conference room) immediately to the rear.  The Captain's Boat is also accessible over the Bridge for easy access.  Further aft, and near the center of the ship, is the Security Post and Armory, where a Marine squad would normally live. The main access hatches to the ship are located to each side of the Security Post and visitors can use both the port and starboard corridors to reach the main rooms along the deck. The main galley is located near the aft of Deck 6, and can accomodate over fifty crew for a full sit-down meal.  The main food 'cyclers are also located in the galley.  Light entertainment is also available in the galley when meals are not being served. (Each deck also contains supply and storage rooms which are not shown.)
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