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A new Science Fiction Young Adult ebook series for all ages.
A universe 350 years in our future.  A tale spanning 1,000 years.  Five teens, lost in space on a living starship. (The Solar System.)
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Sol, the homestar of humanity, is where it all started. Humans spread from Mother Earth to small bases on Luna (Earth's moon) - the Mutus Observatory and Manzinus Base near Luna's south pole, where underground reservoirs of frozen water can be found. Collins City and Gagarin Base are the two main domed cities on Mars with large buildings excavated deep within Mars' crust, nearer the subsurface water reservoirs while at the same time finding protection from solar and cosmic rays. The Caliphate founded Prophet Mountain near Cavi Agusti in the south of Mars shortly after our main colonization efforts.
The asteroid belt was the next target for small mining bases which provide raw materials for Mars as well as Earth. Satan's Gate on Saturn's moon, Titan, is the center for methane mining for an energy-hungry civilization.​

Henrietta Moreira hails from Brazil Province, Old Earth.​​ At the start of the ship tour, she was 14 (+10 K-T-adjusted) years old, born in 2341. (K-T-adjustments are for time spent in jump-stasis where time slows down significantly, but time goes on in normal space.)
Sol is a G2V spectral-type star which places it directly in the "sweet spot" of star types for harboring Earth-like life. Earth lies directly within Sol's habitable zone, whereas Mars hugs the extreme outer boundary.
Solar System colonial worlds:
Earth: population 8.9 billion
Luna: population: 200,000
Mars: population: 960,000
Asteroids: population varies (350, approx.)
Titan: population: 1,053