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Tales of the Antares Rangers
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.ship tour
 Cross sectional view
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See what's inside the Sampson K. Perry.
 Plan view
Deck 2 is the mind and muscle of the ship, just like the Bridge is the heart and soul of the ship.  Here are located the main computing powers of the ship and the drive units, powered by six huge fusion nuclear reactors.  The Ship's Engineer, Ali Hamadi, spends nearly all his time here in the aft sections.  He knows almost as much about the ship as it's original designer, Ali's famous dad.  The ship is half machine/half organic (mechanorganic).  Protoplasm - suspiciously resembling Hive protoplasm - courses through the ship, feeding all the nodes of the ship.  The nodes are similar to a living body's organs, and act just like them. So, for example, the environmental room acts like a liver and the main pump-house acts like a heart. If you place your hand on Perry's walls, you can even feel his pulse.
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