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See what's inside the Sampson K. Perry.
Welcome. You are about to begin a VIP tour of the sentient starship, Sampson K. Perry. The Perry has been under development at the Vega Construction Base for forty years and is just starting to achieve self-awareness. He is the most powerful ship in the fleet and can hold his own against a full armada of enemy warships.

The ship is half mechanical and half alive, and is 1400 feet long with a beam of 275 feet. The hull is composed of a self-annealing amorphous carbon complex and can repair itself whenever it sustains damage. The hull can also morph into multiple configurations on command to accomodate observation portals, missile launch tubes, cannon tubes, sensor arrays, etc.
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 * * * Access granted to VCB Construction Yards * * *
Instead of a normal complement of 1000 personnel, the Perry is designed to be fully operational with a crew of only 150, although theoretically he can operate independent of any crew. But that is strictly forbidden under Colonial Academy regulation.

At the conclusion of your orientation session by security personnel, you will be required to don a caretaker (CT) suit prior to ship entry. Although this tour will not include a voyage outside the confines of the VCB, Colonial Academy regulations require all personnel aboard any fleet craft to be prepared for emergency jumps. Any trips into Krenholdtz-Turner-space without a valid connection to a CT-unit will result in immediate death. This is so because an average trip between stellar systems within Human Space spans 10.5 years of normal spacetime, but will compress into two months for the star traveler due to relativistic time-compression. Even so, the star traveler will rapidly starve or lose vital body functions if ever unassisted within K-T-space. If you ever hear a K-T-jump alarm while onboard, plug into your nearest CT-unit. But do not be overly concerned, the ship's CT-systems will keep you perfectly healthy during any unplanned trips.

Lt. Wilkins will be your host this morning and will meet you outside the ship before you enter the airlock. Once the tour begins, you can gain access to any part of the ship by accessing the starboard forward lift. You will begin your tour on deck 6 (there are seven decks on this ship). Sign in at the security station adjacent to the access hatch to verify your identification. After identification is confirmed, you can press any of the buttons within the lift to arrive at your desired destination.

We hope you enjoy your tour, and we strongly request that you do not touch anything! The ship is still young and is learning, just like you. Commands from unauthorized personnel may result in serious reprecussions.

When you are ready to begin the tour, simply press the airlock release symbol to enter deck 6 of the Sampson K. Perry.