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A new Science Fiction Young Adult ebook series for all ages.
A universe 350 years in our future.  A tale spanning 1,000 years.  Five teens, lost in space on a living starship. (Jabbah.)
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Jabbah is the homestar of the Al'Va , a strange race that apparently has a great interest in the D'war'en. Their planet is a pristine forest world, but do not let that fact allow you to underestimate the Al'Va civilization. They possess huge orbital platforms that apparently have been in space for hundreds of thousands of years. The Al'Va planet may also be where the mystical Sampo Orb of the D'war'en is located. No one knows what powers the orb may contain ... could it be worth the effort to find it?
Jabbah is a quadruple star of hot, bluish B-type stars. The current home of the Al'Va obviously had to have been terraformed some time in the past, as there is little chance they could have evolved in that harsh environment naturally. Nevertheless, the Al'Va have engineered a beautiful home for themselves, and one can only speculate how old their civilization could possibly be.
Jabbah facts

R.A.: 16h 11m 59s
Dec.: -19 degrees 27 minutes
Spectral type: B2IV
Luminosity: 40 (compared to Sol)
Distance from Sol: 437 LY