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Tales of the Antares Rangers
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Peter and his friends are on a class trip to the living starship Sampson K. Perry when the research base is attacked by the insect-like Wasatti. Running out of options, they blindly jump into uncharted space, coming out at the red supergiant star, Antares, 600 light-years away. The only adult onboard is killed during the battle, leaving the young teens alone and in charge of their own destiny.
The ultimate question is not if they can save themselves, but if they can save humanity.
Peter and the crew of the Sampson K. Perry must find a way back to the human colonies. But first, they must find food in the middle of uncharted space or face starvation. They search for the most likely candidate system and attempt a jump. The ship comes out of hyperspace at another star system with an unlikely planet containing a feudal civilization with unexplained ties to old Earth. They need the natives' help, but can they convince their leader's son to help ... and is he willing to give up everything in order to help these strangers from another land?
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Learn how it all began ...
The year is 2142 - - two hundred twenty-three years before the start of the First Human War.

Humanity has spread throughout Luna, Mars, the asteroids, and to Titan -- the methane-rich moon of Saturn. Humans are now poised to begin their first colony at a new star, preparing for a voyage that will take six years to complete. Two thousand volunteers embark, chosen by Dr. Mark Taylor, the mission specialist charged with finding the best possible colonists throughout the solar system.

But all is not well at home. The War on Terror has transformed the face of the Earth into four mega-nations: the Western Protectorate, the Sino-European Union, Free India, and the Caliphate. Battlelines are drawn, with no end in sight to the long and bloody conflict. World leaders have neglected the Earth, only finding time to protect their citizens from percieved threats. A growing environmental movement is concerned over the huge amount of resources committed to the colony project, and they will do almost anything to stop the massive project.

Mark Taylor's responsibilites lie heavily upon his shoulders, but little does he realize the fate of the colony ship and the colony world itself may rest in his hands. Can he save the colony -- and humanity -- from an adversary even greater than the ones they left behind?

The exciting prequel to the Tales of the Antares Rangers series.

All three of the original prequel books are included in this one volume.  Contains mature situations and language.
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The Orb of Jabbah - The crew of the living starship, Sampson K. Perry, accept the disgraced D'War'en heir, Alffinnr, as a new crew member. While still on the D'war'en home planet, they discover clues about a mysterious weapon that may help in their war against the Wasatti. But to find the Orb, they must travel to another star and search an entire planet.
Alffinnr is accepted on the ship only after he promises to help the crew find the orb.  But he is not even sure what it looks like, let alone what it does or where it might be.