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A new Science Fiction Young Adult ebook series for all ages.
A universe 350 years in our future.  A tale spanning 1,000 years.  Five teens, lost in space on a living starship. (Tau Ceti.)
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Tau Ceti is the homestar of the first alien civilization discovered by humanity, the Hive. We ran into the Hive at our first extra-solar colony world at Chiron. We think the Hive traveled to Chiron shortly before our arrival to use the colony as neutral ground for our first contact. But the Hive's motivations are not easily understood. They are a telepathic, mute race. The Hive planet is the third out from Tau Ceti.

Jimmy Dallas was born at the human embassy on Hive.​​ At the start of the ship tour he was 10 (+10 K-T-adjusted) years old, born in 2345. He spent his first three years on Hive and seven years at the VCB.
The alien Hive world is located at Tau Ceti. The star is half as luminous as Sol, so it is fortunate that the Hive world is closer to its star than Earth is from Sol. If not, it would have been much too cold to support life. Hive population: unknown (Hive claims "1"). 1,375 humans at the embassy.
Tau Ceti facts

R.A.: 1h 44m 4s
Dec.: -15 degrees 56 minutes
Spectral type: G8.5V
Luminosity: 0.52 (compared to Sol)
Distance from Sol: 11.91 LY

Colonial Star Route times from Sol:
     20 days for travelers (K-T-space)
     3.2 year accumulation in normal space