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A new Science Fiction Young Adult ebook series for all ages.
A universe 350 years in our future.  A tale spanning 1,000 years.  Five teens, lost in space on a living starship. (Acrab.)
See what's inside the Sampson K. Perry.
Acrab is the homestar of the D'war'en race, a feudal civilization discovered by Peter and the crew. The star system is composed of seven clustered stars in two major groups, with the D'war'en planet orbiting the C, E and F stars. The orbital configuration of the world results in extremes of temperatures, ranging from millennial-long glacial periods followed by choking droughts.
Against all odds, the feudal civilization of the D'war'en are found by the crew of the Sampson K. Perry in their search for supplies. This is their world -- a world full of mysteries and unexplained ties to Old Earth.
Acrab is not a star that would normally host a system conducive to life. It is generally believed that the planet was terraformed thousands of years ago, possibly after the D'war'en homeworld suffered a horrible accident.
Acrab facts

R.A.: 16h 5m 26s
Dec.: -19 degrees 48 minutes
Spectral type: B0.5V
Luminosity: 20,000 (compared to Sol)
Distance from Sol: 530 LY